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Compare Flexible Rate Mortgage Quotes

Have you been searching for a flexible mortgage with a variable rate? The Mortgage Broker helps you find the best flexible mortgage rates for you. All you have to do is fill in the three-stage form above to compare dozens of great flexible mortgage deals.

Compare Flexible Rate Mortgages: Discover 100's of Quotes

A flexible mortgage presents borrowers with more flexible repayment terms on their residential mortgage, allowing the deal to be better suited to the borrower's individual situation. This may mean that the borrower in question is able to over pay or under pay on their monthly repayments, helping them to pay off their mortgage in a more efficient way for them. As competition in the mortgage market grows, lenders are moving swiftly into the field of flexible rate mortgages, looking for more developed ways to provide flexible mortgage deals for borrowers.

How Does A Flexible Rate Mortgage Work?

There are now dozens of flexible rate mortgages on the market. However, different lenders understand the term flexible rate mortgage differently.

The most common type of flexible mortgage is one that allows borrowers to occasionally over and under pay. Rather than committing to set mortgage payments over a given time frame, the borrower can defer or accelerate repayment of the mortgage without incurring any penalty charges from the flexible mortgage lender. This type of mortgage is ideally suited to the disciplined borrower expecting a steady income, but who may experience lean periods interspersed with large, lump-sum payments.

Fill in the quick and easy form above to receive an instant quote on a number of flexible rate mortgages from various lenders, or call 0800 822 3355 for some expert advice.

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