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Compare Commercial Mortgage Quotes

Just as you need to shop around for the right property for your business, you need to find the right commercial mortgage. This site helps you do just that - simply fill in the three-stage form above to compare dozens of great commercial mortgage deals.

Compare Commercial Mortgages: Discover 100s of Quotes

A commercial mortgage is a mortgage taken out on any property that isn't the purchaser's residence. They can be taken out on almost any property that will return a profit. Commercial mortgages are designed for companies that are looking to invest in new property in order to expand their business, profit from increasing property prices, or to rent out to tenants. A commercial mortgage can be taken out on any property, including industrial plants, offices, leisure facilities and everything in between.

Are You Fit To Borrow From A Commercial Mortgage Broker?

The process of applying for a commercial mortgage is very different to that for a residential mortgage, as various additional criteria must be met. If you're hoping to take out a commercial mortgage to purchase a property for your business, it's important that your business is in a stable state and is reasonably established. Commercial mortgage brokers are looking to lend to steadily growing businesses that they can trust, and they will only ever invest in the purchase of a property that is likely to yield a profit in the future.

Account For Unstable Commercial Mortgage rates

Interest rates for commercial mortgages sway, and they are generally determined on a case-by-case basis. When you're looking to take out a commercial mortgage, make sure to account for slight changes in costs, due to the instability of commercial mortgage rates.

To compare commercial mortgages and find the best rate for your business, simply fill out the form above and send it off. You'll then be presented with a comparison from a number of different commercial mortgage brokers.

Compare commercial mortgages today at The Mortgage Broker, or contact us on 0800 822 3355 for further advice and assistance.

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